Earning through a YouTube channel

YouTube has 1.9 billion active viewers each and every month, making it the most popular website on the internet. On the other hand, every minute, an additional 500 hours of video are posted to the website.

Have you ever wondered why popular people on this platform consider their channels to be their full-time job? The solution is not complicated at all! The reason for this is that they make a respectable amount of money from their YouTube Channels. You may make money online by submitting videos to this platform and driving traffic to your own YouTube channel. In point of fact, even you have the potential to do so. In addition, below is a manual to help you get started.

YouTube partner program

Regular users of YouTube may join the YouTube Partner Program in order to have access to a variety of bonus features available on the site. You may generate money on this platform even if you are not a partner by just creating an AdSense account and attracting views, but becoming a partner makes the process a great deal simpler.

YouTube Partners have access to several revenue sources, including not just video advertisements but also the subscription costs for YouTube Premium, as well as services that directly tap into the wallets of your committed followers, such as Super Chat, channel subscriptions, and the product shelf.

Earning through YouTube premium

YouTube Premium is a membership service that eliminates advertisements for users while allowing them to continue watching their preferred content providers’ videos. It won’t make much of a difference for content producers since they will continue to compensate for all of their videos. It is regardless of whether or not they are popular enough.

The amount of views that a video receives determines how much money the creator receives through YouTube Premium. You should look at the money you make from YouTube Premium members as an additional income source in addition to the money you get from advertisements on your channel. Although it’s simple to start, being a YouTube Partner and making money via advertising is not the most profitable income stream you can generate for yourself. Despite its convenience, though, it’s not even close.



It is possible that advertising is one of the most popular ways for artists to generate passive money; however, the trade-off is that YouTube’s parent company, Google, gets to retain something in the neighborhood of 45% of ad revenue. In a nutshell, YouTube creators need to look at other potential cash sources in order to keep their creative passion going.


It’s possible that making money on this platform isn’t your primary motivation for launching a channel. But being pleasantly happy by the sheer number of options to do so. Thankfully, making money on this platform can be done in a variety of inventive ways.

Your following may be the key to unlocking the earning potential of your YouTube channel. As is often the case with Instagram influencers or bloggers. However, the establishment of various income sources, whether via side hustles or enterprises, is what really helps you generate money.

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